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Building Character and Teaching LifeSkills PeaceMaker Violence Prevention Lesson Plans and Curriculum

The PeaceMakers curriculum is a proven-effective K-12 public school-based program developed by the FreeWay Project in 1996. It has been field-tested in hundreds of Missouri classrooms.

Violence Prevention CurriculumThe curriculum is based on the concept that violence begins with attitudes of mind, progresses through angry speech, and results in hostile actions. It uses dozens of interactive games and activities to teach students to speak courteously and treat others politely, with dignity and respect . . . the same way they would like to be spoken to and treated.

PeaceMakers curriculum uses fresh lesson plans and challenging learning activities to teach three fundamental principles:

1. Be sure you know the truth before you speak; control what you say and how you say it; do not criticize or condemn anyone personally.

2. In conflict situations, be willing to compromise rather than always demanding your own way; seek immediate reconciliation and offer complete forgiveness.

3. Do not practice revenge or try to "get even" in any way; use the tactics of avoidance, passive resistance, and non-violence; combat hatefulness with kindness.

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The curriculum is user-friendly. It requires little preparation time by the teacher. All lesson plans and activities are reproducible for student use. It meets the guidelines and requirements for federal and state grant proposals for purchase of "Safe and Drug-free School" curriculum.

In a 2001 study of 957 students in 14 schools, violent behavior was reduced significantly by the teaching of PeaceMakers curriculum. The survey was designed to measure the changes in "high risk" students brought about by the 4-session classroom activities taught by FreeWay prevention specialists in grades 3-12. Overall results revealed that PeaceMakers reduced "holding grudges/seeking revenge" by 17.7%. Verbal abuse was reduced by 24.4%, and physical abuse was reduced by 13.5%. Click here to read more.

PeaceMakers curricula for children and youth, grades K-12 is available and priced below:

  • Grades K-3 $30.00 ea.
  • Grades 4-8 $30.00 ea.
  • Grades 9-12 $30.00 ea.

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