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Drug and Violence Prevention Community Awareness SeminarsFreeWay offers 2-hour Community Awareness Seminars for public audiences and organizations, such as parent-teacher associations and local service clubs. These practical, hands-on seminars will introduce adults to the eight basic FreeWay life skills and explain the concept of the prevention of drug use and violence through life skills training.

Suggested topics for the Community Awareness Seminars include:
  • An Overview of Drug and Violence Problems in America

  • Intervention: Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use and Abuse

  • Choices and Consequences: Decision-making and Problem-solving

  • Communication: The Key to Non-violent Conflict Resolution

  • Helping Dysfunctional Families to Function

  • Stress Management: Making Wise Use of Leisure Time
Facilitators are screened and trained FreeWay educators with experience teaching in school classrooms and leading seminars/workshops for parent and adult groups. These facilitators will share first-hand classroom experiences in lifeskills education and will conduct a question and answer session period upon request.

The costs of the seminars include:
  • $200 honorarium ($100 per hour) for the facilitator
  • Round-trip travel expenses from St. Louis, including mileage (or airfare), meals, and over-night accommodations, if necessary
  • Hand-out materials at $5 per participant